What you should know about memory

I don’t remember how i stumbled across the article to which i am going to provide you the link, but, it’s a damn good article written by Mr. Ulrich Drepper on the lwn site. Anyone wanting to know about memory and how you can optimize your code to use this memory, should read it. I still haven’t finished reading it completely, but, on my way there.

Here’s the link below



GDB Tutorial | Debugging with GNU GDB Debugger

Only a developer can understand the importance of a debugger. When you are working on a program and things don’t perform as expected, the debugger can help one locate the source of the problem. Tools like JTAG, GDB or network debugging tools like Wireshark can become one’s best friend.

I have used JTAG and Wireshark extensively, but, hadn’t use GDB till date. So, i was searching for some tutorials on GDB and i found an absolutely brilliant tutorial on it. Though the below tutorial teaches you how to use GDB, the best part of the article had to be “Debugging with your brain”.


Go read it as soon as you can.

Thanks to Peter Jay Salzman for this tutorial.